If We Were Riding – #40 Serious Hula

podcast hosted by Kelly O’Mara & Sara Gross | edited by Erin Hamilton

Sara learns to Hula in Kona.
The current vibe on the Big Island
The ITU grand finale
A new minimum salary for women’s cycling
Plus, training and swim lane etiquette.

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  1. T

    1. Yes run with traffic on bike paths. On roads, I disagree. I prefer to be able to dodge a car if possible. I also try not to run on roads if at all possible.

    2. Why does no one know swim etiquette? I think it comes down to a lot of people in the states are random adult onset swimmers (*waves*) and weren’t taught proper swim/lane etiquette. Plus most pools a lot of us swim at don’t have lifeguards to enforce proper swim etiquette anyway.

    I always find the pool discussions amusing in the Women For Tri FB page because the experiences here compared to those in Australia or New Zealand are so vastly different. Like circle swim is a normal thing and whaaaa? you expect people to ask to share lanes?

    I mean, yes, please ask … especially because you’re probably old and just going to walk and do water aerobics so I need to know if I’m going to smack you in the face with a paddle.


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