If We Were Riding – #7 who the hell are “we”?

Podcast hosted by Kelly O’Mara & Sara Gross

Can Kelly keep up with a world champion? Will Sara go to TBI? What is Slowtwitch, and what’s going on over there? What women and Millennials really want from triathlon and how you might be breaking the law on social media. And stay tuned after the credits to hear Kelly tell Sara why she’s just not important.

Read the Slowtwitch article we talk about.

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  1. T

    Hrm. I think the other issue with the Millennial tag is that it’s become so negative that I think a lot of us borderline generationals (’83 birthdate) don’t always want to identify with that. Also, not everyone I grew up with had a computer or the internet in their house. It became more commonplace in … middle school-ish (’95/’96) with the plethora of AOL CDs. *shrugs*


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