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My husband’s Lyft driver last night is also the owner of two World Championship track medals from the 1990s. In case you were wondering if athletes are doing it, turning themselves inside out, for the love or for the money. Just a fun fact. Another fun fact: I’m headed to training camp tonight. Because it’s time for triathlon to get started. And I don’t actually feel great about it. I’ve been having health issues. But I think I’ll feel worse if I don’t try. Isn’t that why we do this?

Run to another level

Above is a photo of¬†Anne Haug winning Oceanside 70.3 this past weekend ‚ÄĒ generally considered the super-competitive North American start of the season, even though Texas 70.3 also happened on Sunday. The photo’s from Talbot Cox, if you want to see his¬†whole gallery¬†of the races. But the winning was all Haug.

As in: she ran a 1:16:23 half-marathon off the bike.

Yes, she ran a 1:14:11 in Dubai two months ago, but we all thought, ‘Well, maybe it was a fast day.’ And, yes, plenty of women have run sub-1:20s before. But it seems pretty clear at this point Haug’s performance wasn’t a fluke. It also seems like we may be about to see another jump in performances at the women’s 70.3 level. It tends to happen in women’s sports‚ÄĒthe field moves forward in jumps as other athletes catch up to Chrissie or Daniela or whoever blazes¬†the trail‚ÄĒand it’s been enough time now, too, since 70.3s became their own unique race, that¬†70.3-specific athletes have fully come into their own. I’m betting, now, we see another jump forward in the next year or two.

In other news from the races:

– Kona champ¬†Jan Frodeno beat last year’s Oceanside winner Lionel Sanders
–¬†Mirinda Carfrae took second¬†in her first race post-pregnancy at Texas 70.3
РAnd Matt Russell returned with a 7th in Texas, after that terrible crash at Kona in October

Photo: Talbot Cox

What even is ‘The Commonwealth?’

I am apparently not the only one who thinks¬†the Commonwealth Games may not be relevant anymore. Like, we don’t get invited because we didn’t leave the Empire nice enough? And Canada just gets to be in everything?¬†Some people¬†are even more adamant in their opposition than I am. But¬†Flora Duffy¬†did finally win, becoming the first Bermudan woman to medal. And there was¬†a mixed team relay, as a kind of practice race for the Olympics. So that’s nice.

Boston Boston Boston

In races too many people care about: the¬†Boston Marathon happens on Marathon Monday, which (in case you weren’t keeping track) is this Monday.¬†The American female contingent is pretty intense‚ÄĒShalane, Molly, Jordan, Desi‚ÄĒand if an American woman doesn’t win for the first time in a long long time, I think people are going to be seriously disappointed.

People have also been all worked up because of the news that¬†transgender women can run at Boston. What I don’t understand about everyone’s fretting is what they thought was happening before? Like always?¬†Did people think marathon organizers (or any race directors) were sex testing thousands of amateur women, like in the middle of the expo, when they¬†check-in? If you register as a woman and your ID says you’re a woman and you go to check-in in the women’s 30-39 category, is it likely¬†the¬†random check-in volunteer was going to administer a complicated hormone test to you? Or just whisk¬†away the women they¬†don’t think look¬†womanly enough to have their boobs measured by some doctor? Really the Boston Marathon is simply saying, women, whatever their history, continue to be allowed to run as women. Let’s not even get into the debate over¬†who decides who’s a woman and who isn’t.


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