Dr. Stacy Sims, Rachel Joyce, Kathryn Bertine, and Anne Hed to Headline November 30th-December 2nd Summit Presented by Triathlete Magazine

Boulder, Colorado, USA — June 19, 2018 — The producers of the Outspoken: Women in Triathlon Summit announce the first four keynote and session speakers for the November conference presented by Triathlete Magazine. In their presentations, Dr. Stacy Sims, Rachel Joyce, Kathryn Bertine, and Anne Hed will offer tools to help athletes, coaches, race producers, and industry leaders make triathlon a more inclusive sport. Outspoken: Women in Triathlon Summit will take place November 30th through December 2nd at the AC Marriott in Tempe, Arizona. To learn more and take advantage of early bird pricing through June 30, visit outspokensummit.com.

These four speakers offer a cross-section of perspectives about gender equity in triathlon. Bertine, an activist and writer, is a former professional cyclist and six-time national champion. Hed is the owner of Hed Cycling Products, manufacturer of premium quality bicycle wheels and components. Joyce is an attorney and a professional triathlete with five Ironman wins and multiple podium finishes at the Ironman World Championships. Sims is an exercise physiologist, entrepreneur, and author.

Rachel Joyce | photo: Jay Prashun

“I look forward to connecting with highly motivated, like-minded women,” said Bertine. “Pro athletes, business leaders, scientists and coaches, everyday athletes—Outspoken Summit will give everyone a voice, so no one is left unheard.”

“We must improve women’s leadership opportunities in triathlon,” said Hed. “From simply participating, mentoring others, or taking on leadership roles among manufacturers, the sport will benefit from doing a better job of including women.”

“This in-person forum for women in triathlon will let women share their experiences, expertise, and ideas,” said Joyce. “Outspoken Summit will be a massively powerful tool to grow and influence our sport.”

Dr. Stacy Sims – author of ROAR

“Women and men aren’t the same,” said Dr. Sims. “At this first-of-a-kind summit, women will learn how they can do things differently from men to achieve our performance potential with less effort and more fun.”

Outspoken: Women in Triathlon Summit is a partnership between Live Feisty Media and Shift Sports that will bring the sport together to discuss the past, present, and future of gender equity in triathlon. The goal of the summit is to create a vision for the future of women in triathlon, develop leadership skills, and foster meaningful connections amongst attendees. Attendees will hear from leaders on the state of gender equality in triathlon today, coaching and mentoring women athletes, supporting entrepreneurship and leadership, advocacy and activism, and how to empower the next generation of female triathletes and sports leaders. Panel discussions will look at triathlon’s past participants, check in with the present demographics and trends, and describe a more inclusive version of the sport’s future. Summit attendees will also enjoy coached morning workouts, networking sessions, and a variety of smaller breakout sessions to tackle specific topics.

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Kathryn Bertine – Author, Activist and CEO of the Homestretch Foundation

The Outspoken Summit is a partnership between Live Feisty Media and Shift Sports. Live Feisty Media produces the IronWomen and If We Were Riding podcasts, hosts written content at livefeisty.com and provides live video coverage at numerous triathlon events in North America. Shift Sports is dedicated to assisting triathlon organizations, teams, and events in initiating and sustaining inclusive practices by looking beyond participation numbers alone. Register for the 2018 summit at outspokensummit.com.


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