August 18, 2021

​​Weighty Matters with Diana Reid, MPH, RDN (Episode 44)

In this Episode

We often talk about menopause as puberty in reverse. Remember puberty? You sprouted breasts and grew hips and maybe got curvier all the way around. Nobody ever said to you, “What have you done?” You were obviously going through this very natural process. When those hormones reverse course, your body also starts changing. Only now, we beat ourselves up and feel like we’ve somehow failed if we have a belly when we didn’t before…even though maybe our body is adding that padding to help protect us. We go into all of that and much more with this week’s guest, Diana Reid of The Global Dietitian.

Diana is licensed as a dietitian in both the US and Luxembourg and works with clients who are seeking to improve their health and quality of life through balanced eating and a more peaceful relationship with food and their bodies. She is also 53, lifts weights, runs, rides bikes, and has written about her own journey with body changes and weight gain after going through early menopause at 42 due to surgery from PCOS and endometriosis. You can learn more about her and her work at

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