November 2, 2022

104: Surfing the Turbulent Waters of Midlife and Menopause with Lisa Alfano (Episode 104)

In this Episode

Body image issues. Wrecked sleep. Struggling with slowing down. Midlife and menopause can send us into some seriously turbulent waters. This week’s guest, Lisa Alfano, manages to keep from going under by riding the waves–literally. Lisa is a surfer and triathlete who has married her passions in her business Tri2Surf, a community for women ages 50+ who want to reset or discover their active selves and claim their power and passion.

Lisa has battled body image issues her whole life. Menopause and midlife magnified them, and also ushered in poor sleep, anxiety, hot flashes, and a host of symptoms that were pulling her under and threatening to upend her sense of self. At age 50, she found salvation in triathlon, which gave her a sense of community and turned her life around. At age 57, she gave herself another midlife boost by taking up surfing, which she says brings her “joy and peace no matter what is happening.” We talk all about surfing, triathlon, and finding passion in menopause and beyond. You can learn more about Lisa and Tri2Surf at

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