November 23, 2022

107: Find Your Menopause Five – The Power of Human Connection in Menopause with Zora Benhamou (Episode 107)

In this Episode

More than diet, exercise, the money in your bank account, your cholesterol levels, or even your genes, it’s your relationships that matter most when it comes to being happier and healthier in midlife and into old age. That’s important because midlife and menopause are inextricably intertwined, and how we experience one impacts how we experience the other. We dig into all of that and so much more with this week’s guest, gerontologist Zora Benhamou, who encourages women in midlife to find positive, nurturing people–their menopause five, if you will–to share their journey through menopause and beyond.

Zora is a gerontologist passionate about aging and longevity. She is on a mission to disrupt ageist stereotypes in social media and is host of the Hack My Age podcast and the website focusing on biohacking for women over 50. She is the author of the Longevity Master Plan and the Eating For Longevity cookbook. Zora is also a certified sports nutrition coach and an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Breathwork Instructor. She is a digital nomad who has traveled to over 50 countries, has lived in 8, and speaks 6 languages. You can learn more about her and her work at

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