April 11, 2022

11: Josefine Holmberg – Sculpting Your Own Personal Performance

In this Episode

This week, Sara talks to professional trainer and Figure and Bikini competitor Josefine Holmberg about all things bodybuilding like a woman.

Josefine is an all-around athlete who competed in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, and Figure before finding her love for Bikini competitions. Josefine shares how she uses the advice of Dr. Stacy Sims to optimize her performance and the performances of the women she trains.

A natural optimist, Josefine describes her long return from Lyme disease and how she dealt with a difficult, multi-year return to sport. She discusses her experience of having to advocate for herself, even with well meaning doctors, in order to reach a diagnosis.

And last but not least, Sara and Josefine talk about being celiac and an athlete, and they bond over their GI symptoms :)

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