May 27, 2024

111: Croissants and Commentary #1: The State of Women’s Sports

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Welcome to a special Feisty series, “Croissants and Commentary – Moments on the Road to Paris,” hosted by Feisty CEO Sara Gross and Feisty’s sports reporter & Head of Content, Kelly O’Mara.Over the next seven weeks, they will be counting down to the Olympic Games in Paris — complete with interviews with athletes, coaches, and experts about everything from peak performance to nutrition to all the issues athletes face on the start line.

Once the Olympics begin, Feisty Media will be live from Paris recording daily podcasts and content with all the behind-the-scenes scoop.

Join us on our Feisty road to the Paris Olympics!

In this first episode, as we prepare for the first-ever gender-equal Olympics, Kelly and Sara wanted to start by talking about the current state of women’s sports. They look back at all of the moments and milestones that have made this into a movement—from soccer to tennis, cycling and now basketball, women’s sports are building on top of more media coverage, more infrastructure, and more investment.

Women’s sports are not an “eat your broccoli” situation. These games and races are exciting! (Don’t miss out.)

They also speak with Canadian Olympic basketball star, Shay Colley,about what we can do to keep the momentum and enthusiasm going, including investing our time and dollars, watching and supporting women’s sports and our favorite female athletes. That includes at the Olympic send-off game for the Canadian women’s basketball team.

More coverage leads to more fans, which yields more sponsorship dollars, better contracts, and more media.

Sara and Kelly also talk with Shay about what will be different in Paris this year, at this inflection point in the women’s sports movement. The biggest change from Tokyo? Fans will actually be allowed at the Games, creating even more support and momentum!

Finally, they discuss the flaws in traditional sports models and how women’s sports don’t have to look the same as men’s. Women are in prime positions to develop new models and alternative approaches to pay, play, and grow.

It’s an exciting time for women’s sports, indeed, so be a part of the many moments that are turning into a MOVEMENT.

Get tickets for the Canada women’s basketball send-off game and be a part of setting a national home game attendance record on June 26 in Victoria, BC at

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