February 15, 2023

117: Powerlifting is Menopausal Medicine with Michelle Carlson

In this Episode

Many women start exercising to lose weight–to get smaller and chase a number on the scale. This week’s guest powerlifter Michelle Carlson is no stranger to those goals. She took up running in her early 30s and in her own words “spent a ridiculous number of years chasing the number on the scale and living in a chronic state of energy deficiency”–a state she likened to a prison of her own creation. But when a terrible accident left her shaken and shattered, she picked up weight lifting to help her bones heal and fell in love with feeling strong. She developed a healthy relationship with food and her body and a level of peace and confidence that set her free. Now, at 51 and solidly in perimenopause, Michelle is stronger than ever and recently set the International Powerlifting League (IPL) World Record in the Bench Press for her age group and weight class. She talks all about what she’s learned and how powerlifting has been the best medicine for her during these menopausal years.

Michelle Carlson is a strength coach, strength athlete, and Masters Raw Powerlifter with records in squat, bench, and overall total. She is also a nutrition coach with a focus on plant-based nutrition for athletes and the general population. She has training, nutrition, and pain-free performance certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. You can learn more about her and her work at her coaching site Strength Elevated at www.strengthelevated.com.


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