April 18, 2022

12: Holley Samuel, RD, LD, CPT – Finding Value in your Food

In this Episode

Drumroll please! … It’s the season finale! For this very special episode, we have Holley Samuel on the podcast to teach us how to fuel our bodies for peak performance. But wait, there’s more! Holley is a registered dietician, certified personal trainer, and takes an extremely holistic approach to wellness. She delves into her path to female entrepreneurship, and also – the importance of a well-baked cookie.

Sara and Holley talk about their personal journeys with disordered eating, and what diet culture made them believe about themselves. Holley tells us how to create positive attachments to food and see the individual value in all kinds of food – not just the “healthy” ones.As she says, we need to put ALL food on a level playing field.

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And visit her website atwww.fitcookienutrition.com

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