March 29, 2023

123: No Expiration Dates with Dede Griesbauer

In this Episode

2022 Ultraman World Championship winner and new course record setter Dede Griesbauer will be the first to tell you, age is definitely more than “just a number.” It’s real, and the training, recovery practices, and dedication it takes to accomplish such feats at 52 is radically different than it is at 32 or even 42. But it’s possible, and you should not put an expiration date on your dreams, because with hard work and smart training they can come true. We talk all about what it takes to conquer 320 miles (515 km) of swimming, biking, and running around the Big Island of Hawaii, how she’s experiencing the menopause transition, and much more.

Along with her latest achievement, longtime professional triathlete Dede Griesbauer is a 3-time Ironman Champion, 2-time 70.3 Champion, and a 12-hour Time Trial World Champion. Dede is also a part of the Ironman live commentary team, providing color commentary and race analysis for Ironman races around the world, to fans via Facebook Watch and Outside TV. You can learn more about her and her amazing feats at

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