January 24, 2023

125: Finding Her Distance To Empty with Starla Teddergreen (Episode 125)

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Understanding what being an athlete means can be a hard process. And it’s different for everyone. For Starla Teddergreen, this journey took a long time and changed often. This week, we welcome Starla to discuss her journey to cycling, and how she defines her athleticism.

Beginning her journey in cycling as a bike messenger in Seattle, Starla fell in love. Moving into Crit racing, and then gravel, Starla felt moved to start a company with her husband called “Distance to Empty” – a company dedicated to the value of doing hard things against the odds. Which, for Starla, became even more poignant after the launch of the company when she was suddenly suffering from multiple brain and spinal lesions. Starla shares her story with us, and tells us how important it is to start living life now.

photo credit: Will Matthews




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