May 9, 2022

13: Molly Hurford – Lean Into Your Athlete Identity

In this Episode

Did you think we could cover it all in just one season? I don’t know about you, but we have full lifetimes of B.S. to cut through. Welcome to season two of the Feisty Women’s Performance Podcast. We are so happy to start this season off with a bang, and that bang is Molly Hurford! Molly is a long-time journalist and outdoor extraordinaire, coaching running, cycling and yoga. She is the author of many books and her most recent series – Shred Girls – is a youth fiction series dedicated to encouraging young women to “shred it” on the bike.

This week Molly shares how she got to where she is today, and how bagels and Mountain Dew encouraged her to start her journey as an athlete. She teaches us how to own and fully lean into our athlete identities and the power of positive self-talk. Finally, of course, Sara and Molly talk about the importance of eating the things that feel good for you. Take home message? Trust yourself!

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