May 16, 2022

14: Melissa Dessaulles – A Physio for the Embarrassing Things

In this Episode

Why can’t we talk openly about our leaking pee and poo? As we know, it is incredibly challenging to find trustworthy information for active women, especially in relation to “taboo” topics. Refreshingly, Melissa Dessaulles says “f*** that” and talks about all things pelvic health. Melissa, aka the pelvic expert, is a physical therapist that focuses on the female pelvic region, especially for perinatal and postpartum athletes and active women.

This week, Sara and Melissa discuss the ways women can advocate for their needs as athletes while pregnant and in the years that follow. With so much misinformation and confusion around just how “active” pregnant women really can be, Melissa lays down some tangible ways to uncover what is best for you during your specific pregnancy. AND to top it off, Sara learns how to “hook” her clitoris.

Follow Melissa on Instagram @mommyberrieshealth

And go here to listen to her podcast, The Pelvic Floor Project

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