June 6, 2022

17: Liz Koch – Maximizing the Efficiency of Movement

In this Episode

As athletes, we are sure many of you have heard phrases like, “push through the pain” or “if it doesn’t hurt it’s not working”. But are these really words to live by? This week, Sara welcomes Liz Koch onto the show. Liz is a physiotherapist dedicated to helping athletes reach maximum efficiency with their movement. However, Liz is not just a physio, she is also a division 1 soccer player, white water kayaker, mountain biker, and coach.

Liz is a strong believer that there are right ways to hurt…AND wrong ways to hurt. She shares how in order to maximize the efficiency of your movement, you have to understand what should be hurting, what shouldn’t, and why. Finally, in true WPP fashion, Liz tells us how societal messaging towards women hinders proper breathing and therefore affects the efficiency of our training.

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