June 13, 2022

18: Jennifer Pharr Davis – You Are a Part of Nature

In this Episode

If we are talking about Women’s Performance, how does hiking 2190+ miles in less than 47 days sound to you? Jennifer Pharr Davis describes herself as a part of nature. Thru-hiking on 6 different continents, Davis has set multiple fastest times on multi-day trails around the world. This week, Sara welcomes Jennifer to the podcast to discuss the drive and grit it takes to wrestle with your body and mind on these gruelling long-distance thru-hikes.

At 21, with an Ironman finish under her belt and a history in high-school athletics, Jennifer decided that hiking the Appalachian trail was the next “step” for her. As Jennifer and Sara discuss, it was on this first thru-hike where she realized that her heart was on the trail – and she made sure to centre the rest of her life around it. Sara and Jennifer get real with one another and discuss the power of grit, determination, and the difference between stopping and quitting.

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