July 10, 2024

186: Find a Doctor Who Will Listen! with Erin Ferguson (Episode 186)

In this Episode

Boy, oh boy, we women can really struggle to find good medical care–especially when we hit the menopause transition. And this week’s guest Erin Ferguson has experienced that firsthand. Erin went through multiple gynecological complications, surgeries, and hormonally-driven symptoms, including panic attacks, anxiety, weight gain, painful periods, severely disrupted sleep, hot flashes, night sweats, and complete lack of mojo for months (and for some symptoms, years) before finally finding a doctor who helped her with hormone therapy. Her message for every woman: If you know something is wrong with you, don’t stop looking for help until you find it. Keep searching for help, because there is someone who will help you.

Erin Ferguson is a competitive triathlete, who despite suffering through spells of really awful symptoms and some truly terrible medical care, has managed to succeed in her sport with multiple age group podiums and overall wins and has represented Team USA as a competitor six times in Long Course World Championships. Most recently she has earned a slot to compete in The World Triathlon Multisport World Championships, Long Course in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia this August.

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