February 7, 2022

2: F*ck Diet Culture with Taylor Treacy

In this Episode

Taylor Treacy is a former collegiate and professional volleyball player. In this powerful keynote address from the 2021 Women’s Performance Summit, Taylor addresses the topic of diet culture and the many ways that weight stigma and fat-phobia are destructive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

She discusses:

  • The genesis of diet culture and “the why” behind keeping women small and submissive
  • The fallacies of diet culture and how they disregard and diminish much of the population
  • The myriad physical, mental, and emotional impacts women face as a result of societal pressure
  • Ways to avoid, challenge, and say “F*ck You” to diet culture

As Taylor says, education is vital, so if you are struggling or think you need help, please seek the assistance of licensed professionals including Registered Dietitians, Physicians, and Psychologists.

2022 Women’s Performance Summit

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