June 27, 2022

20: Lisa Bentley – How to Win at Life, from an 11x IRONMAN Champion

In this Episode

Lisa Bentley never thought she was an athlete…that is UNTIL she won her first Ironman. That’s right, her first. Lisa Bentley has been an Ironman Champion 11 times over. And, she has done this all with Cystic Fibrosis – a genetic lung disease that results in severe damage to the lungs and limited lung capacity. This week, Sara talks to Lisa about what performance means to her.

One thing is obvious in a conversation with Lisa, her CF is NOT a limitation to her life, but rather, a blessing that has pushed her to race harder and has fuelled her passion for sport. Sara and Lisa discuss what it really means to be a champion and the distinct difference between being “fit” or “in shape”, and being healthy. Finally, Lisa’s advice for winning in life will leave you ready to take on your next challenge.

To learn more about Lisa, read her book An Unlikely Champion

Follow Lisa on Instagram @lisa_bentley123

and visit her website at www.lisabentley.com

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