July 4, 2022

21: Elizabeth Inpyn – Fueling and Nutrition for Females in Work, Sport, and Life

In this Episode

If you are looking for quick nutrition facts to boost your performance and recovery, this is the episode for you. This week, Sara chats with Elizabeth Inpyn – coach, nutritionist and wellness enthusiast. Elizabeth shares her wealth of knowledge and teaches us how to become better in tune with what our bodies need.

Covering a broad range of topics, Elizabeth and Sara talk about their attempts at plant-based diets, and how to decipher what is best for your specific lifestyle. Elizabeth gives us tips on how to make sense of our gut microbiome, and more specifically, how to do so by interpreting our bowel movements. Finally, Elizabeth gives Sara all of the latest hot tips in the nutrition world, like consuming more creatine and drinking turmeric tea.

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