July 11, 2022

22: Kendra Miller and Tiffany Ricci – Stess-Free Fueling and Nutrition for You and Your Family

In this Episode

Every woman is different. And this means that every woman needs a specific and individualized fueling plan. Registered dietitian nutritionists Kendra Miller and Tiffany Ricci specialize their focus on busy active women, especially mothers. This week, Sara interviews the duo and uncovers the tools we need to fuel our bodies better – and our families.

Kendra and Tiffany explain the nuances surrounding nutrition for pre and postnatal mothers. Just as every woman is different, every pregnant woman is different, as well as every pregnancy. They give us tips for fueling while breastfeeding and lay the ground rules for understanding our own nutritional needs. Finally, the trio delves into feeding the family and how we can take the pressure off of ourselves, release ourselves from the limits of what dinner “should be,” and allow ourselves to see what dinner “can be.”

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