September 15, 2022

27: The Business of Fitness – Running a Yoga Studio IRL and On-Line with Sue Amato

In this Episode

What is it like to open a yoga studio? How does one go about gaining clients? This week, Molly interviews Sue Amato. Sue is a co-founder of Valley Om, an in-person AND virtual yoga studio. Located in the industrial district of Easton, Pennsylvania, the studio boasts comfort and functionality.

Starting this business with her best friend and just months before a global pandemic, Sue has lots of insight to share. She talks about how she works to keep her friendship at the forefront of the business partnership and how the duo adapted to the ever-changing climate of in-person events. If you’re thinking about a business in the yoga sphere, this is the episode for you.

Follow Sue on Instagram @SueAmato and visit the Valley Om website at

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