February 14, 2022

3: Kristi Mohn – Remain Unbound and Ambitious

In this Episode

Kristi Mohn is a born advocate.

As one of the founders of Unbound Gravel, she has long been an outspoken champion for women and non-binary cyclists and, in today’s episode, she and Sara dive deep into this pillar of culture and creating equal representation.

You’ll also hear Kristi’s:

  • Advice for anyone who’s interested in advocacy work, or how we can be effective advocates for ourselves and others.
  • Thoughts for anyone who feels an entrepreneurial calling. Kristi once had 11 LLCs at one time!
  • Take on parenting by example and managing motherhood in a busy life.
  • Philosophy of creating an evolving definition of what performance means.

Our definition of “performance” will evolve over time and, thanks to movers and shakers like Kristi, we have shining examples of success across multiple spectrums.

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Kristi Mohn and Kathryn Taylor are Movers and Shakers

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