January 9, 2023

43: Everything I wish I had known about menopause with Selene Yeager

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Navigating the waters of perimenopause can be daunting whether you’re in them, or will be eventually. What if there was someone who could be your guide? Well, this week, we welcome Selene Yeager to do just that. As the host of Feisty Media’s Hit Play Not Pause podcast, author, and overall menopause guru, Selene shares what she wishes she knew before she entered perimenopause – and how lifting heavy really is THAT great.

Selene & Sara discuss the many ways perimenopause impacted their performance, and how plyometrics, lifting heavy, and fueling properly helped turn this around. Selene also explains how serious some of the 36 symptoms of menopause can be for our mental and physical health and why we need to advocate for ourselves. Whether you’re going through the menopause transition now, or will be – this is the podcast for you.

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