February 13, 2023

48: Alyssa Godesky – Finding Mental Toughness and Resilience

In this Episode

Is there a recipe for mental toughness? Is resilience something we can work on and will it lead to increased success? This week, we welcome Alyssa Godesky to help us get some insight into how she became mentally tough and some tools every individual can use to help us achieve more. Alyssa is a record-setting endurance athlete, coach, and the host of the IronWomen podcast. Throughout her career, she has been a professional triathlete, set multiple FKT’s (fastest known time) including the Vermont Long Trail, and competed in various adventure races, including the Barkley Marathons.

Alyssa shares how she prepared for and set records on not one, but three multi-day trail runs and what it took for her to push herself to the limits. The duo discusses what it actually means to be mentally tough, and how the key to success lies in your brain – not your body.

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