January 12, 2022

64: Self Acceptance & the Love of the Game with Julie Dunkle (Episode 64)

In this Episode

Menopause can be a wet blanket for competitive athletes. How do you keep showing up to start lines when you’re managing hot flashes, heat intolerance, poor sleep, and watching peers walk away from the sport? This week’s guest has some answers. A lifelong athlete and self proclaimed triathlon addict, Julie Dunkle, now in her mid 50s, has had to navigate a number of physical and emotional challenges related to menopause, but has found a way to maintain her love of the sport and keep her competitive fire burning hot.

Julie is a 16x time Ironman finisher, with 7 Kona Qualifications and over 25 70.3 finishes. She is a USAT Triathlon coach, Newton Running Coach, USA Masters Swim Coach, and Training Peaks Level 2 coach. She is the Co-Founder of NYX Endurance, a Global Endurance Coaching Company that believes there is no progress without perseverance and no light without some darkness. You can follow NYX Endurance on Instagram and Facebook and check out their services at https://nyxendurance.com/


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