January 11, 2022

68: Superwoman (Episode 68)

In this Episode

Have you ever felt like you have to do it all? Have a career, raise perfect children, Instagram your sweaty Peloton rides, make pies for the local charity bake sale… the list goes on and on. Our society puts so much pressure on women to be “superwomen” who have it all together and can manage everything all the time. This narrative is not only unrealistic, it’s harmful. Many women have internalized this “superwoman” trope as the best way to be. This can be damaging when we feel like we can’t live up to these realistic expectations, especially for women that have intersecting identities that add layers to how a “strong” woman that looks like them should be or act. Adding to this is the fact that women, and women of color most of all, have to work ten times harder than their male counterparts for equal recognition in the workplace, and still face a gaping gender pay gap.

With all of this in mind, Shaunna and Lisa explore how we can start to deconstruct our vision of a “strong” woman. Having strength can look vastly different for each person, and across different situations or times. How can we reframe our expectations of ourselves and others who identify as women to encompass a definition of strength that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our mental, emotional, or physical health to live up to unrealistic expectations? It’s time to start shifting the narrative.

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