February 16, 2022

69: You Are More than Your Body with Kaisa Keranen (Episode 69)

In this Episode

For far too long, many of us have defined ourselves (or worse our self worth) by the size of our thighs and the circumference of our waistline, setting ourselves up for a lifelong battle with our bodies and an underlying discontent with who we are based upon a largely unattainable “ideal.” That can get worse during the menopause transition when our body shape starts to shift. This week’s guest, Kaisa Keranen, AKA Kaisa Fit, is on a mission to change that. As she says: “What I look like does not define who I am as a woman and what I’m doing in this world.” Amen to that and all the wisdom she dishes out this week.

Kaisa is a longtime athlete and has a Masters in Exercise Science, Sports Performance and Injury Prevention. She is the owner of KaisaFit, and ​​has built a community of over 1 million people on Instagram. She has been featured in digital magazines including Vogue, Shape, SELF, Harper’s Bazaar, Oxygen, and ESPNW. Kaisa was named by Greatist as one of the most influential people in health and fitness in 2015, the same year she was asked by Michelle Obama to be one of the go-to trainers for her “Let’s Move” digital campaign. You can find Kaisa on social media as KaisaFit where she educates, motivates, and empowers people to #JustMove.

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