March 16, 2022

73: The Joy of Rowing with Sarah Fuhrmann (Episode 73)

In this Episode

Dim the lights. Pour a drink. Light some candles. And get ready to…row! Yep, row. Indoor rowing can be an exercise in meditation, says this week’s guest and rowing aficionado, Sarah Fuhrmann. It also uses 86 percent of your muscles and can be an ass-kicking workout when you want it to be. This week we dive into the benefits of rowing, especially for women in the menopausal transition who need to HIIT it and chill out equally hard.

Sarah is CEO of UCanRow2, which provides rowing workouts, training programs, and certification to exercisers and fitness professionals worldwide. The author of the bestselling 101 Best Rowing Workouts, she is passionate about creating a world of inclusive fitness where all bodies and all ages are welcome, and every meter matters. In addition to being a certified rowing instructor, she holds certifications with the Functional Aging Institute and Precision Nutrition. When not rowing on a machine or on the water, you’re likely to find her playing in the snow – or just shoveling it – from her home in Michigan’s snowy and scenic Upper Peninsula. You can find a sample of her workouts at “10 Ways to Kill 10k

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