January 11, 2022

79: To Give a Gift with Jen Gurecki (Episode 79)

In this Episode

This week on the show Kathryn and Kristi are joined by Jen Gurecki. Jen is the CEO of Coalition Snow, creator of Apres Delight, and the founder of Zawadisha, a non-profit that provides small loans to women in rural Kenya to help finance their livelihoods. A true entrepreneur and problem solver, Jen talks about her experiences in Kenya and what inspired her to create a micro-lending program for women in rural communities there.

Jen is a self-proclaimed “accidental cyclist” whose first cycling trip was a 73-day trek from Kenya to South Africa. The trip inspired her love for two-wheeled adventures, and she has since taken many trips across the world. This summer, Jen will be leading an 11-day trip through Kenya that finished on the white sand beaches of Diani. The trip is a fundraiser for Zawadisha, and all proceeds go directly to their micro-lending program.


To learn more about the trip go to: https://shopzawadisha.com/products/change-makers-cycling-trip?_pos=1&_sid=890f6a4f0&_ss=r&_kx=Kss1FIZVfGzEY82ArGeFyk9tJ_RfllEuPll15ufLQVpfO_Tb85aXJtxJ5DoaMdHq.Vu8xKz&variant=41101667631263


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