May 4, 2022

80: Massage in Menopause – Finding a Safe Space with Rosemarie Rotenberger (Episode 80)

In this Episode

Your muscles and connective tissues can get “stickier” and feel stiffer during the menopause transition, and you can find yourself with more aches and pains and niggles than you had before. Massage therapy can help with that. But the benefits don’t end with your muscles. Massage is also good for the menopausal mind. It activates your parasympathetic nervous system to lower cortisol and anxiety. It also can provide a safe space for you to release past trauma, reconnect your physical and emotional self, and let your body rest in a totally safe environment. We talk all that and more this week with massage therapist Rosemarie Rotenberger.

Rosemarie is a Licensed Massage Therapist for 22 years. Her Olympic and World Champion clients span several continents and have competed in every summer Olympics since 2004. She has crewed for the Race Across America (RAAM) record holding team twice. Her work engages both the physical and emotional challenges of higher level sport. She has taught in both entry level and advanced orthopedic massage programs and served on national advisory boards.

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