March 28, 2022

9: Selene Yeager – The Power of Pushing Back, Speaking Out, and Welcoming In

In this Episode

This week on the show, Sara shares Selene Yeager’s Keynote Speech from last weekend’s Feisty Women’s Performance Summit.

Selene is a professional journalist, health and fitness writer, personal trainer, professional mountain bike racer, and an all-American IRONMAN triathlete. Selene discusses her journey to where she is today – as host of Feisty Menpoause’s Hit Play Not Pause podcast. She underlines the importance of coming together as women and creating an empowering culture for all women – not just those that are ready to break down barriers. Sara and Selene end the show with an insightful Q&A session where they get real with us and share the ways they have been built up by their communities.

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