May 24, 2022

94: GRL PWR with Alison Tetrick (Episode 94)

In this Episode

Can you ever really get enough GRL PWR? In true Girls Gone Gravel style, this week we talk to another badass female leader, Alison Tetrick. Alison is one of the most elite female cyclists in the world. After a series of unfortunate crashes, Alison turned to gravel cycling, and was crowned the “Queen of Gravel”.

Alison talks to Kathryn and Kristi about her journey to gravel, and the way she understands female sports. Instead of a focus on herself winning, Alison emphasizes the joy and pride it brings her to watch other women win. A win for them is a win for her. The trio discusses how we can question the male-centric gravel sport, and build a culture that every woman wants to ride in. And, on a side-note, Alison shares her recent engagement story – which without giving anything away, is very on-brand.

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