August 31, 2022

95: The ABCs of MHT with Heather Hirsch, MD (Episode 95)

In this Episode

How do you know if menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) is for you? What should you expect if you start hormone therapy? How long does it take to work? What should you do if you don’t feel like it’s working? We dive into the ABCs of starting MHT this week with menopause doctor Heather Hirsch, MD. This is a good one for active menopausal women whether or not you are taking or plan to start MHT because we speak to all the things we should be doing, such as taking inventory of how we’re feeling and being proactive about our care, to feel and perform our best.

Dr. Hirsch is board certified in internal medicine and completed advanced fellowship training in women’s health at the Cleveland Clinic. She performs menopause consultations at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston Massachusetts and is faculty at Harvard Medical School. Her practice has a focus on perimenopause and menopause symptom reduction, hormone therapy, genitourinary syndrome of menopause, sexual health, breast, and bone health. Her academic work centers on enhancing midlife women’s health education for fellows, residents, and medical students. Dr. Hirsch also teaches at the local, regional, and national level on various midlife topics. You can learn more about her and her work at

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