June 28, 2022

97: More Than a Bike Ride with Sofia Gibson (Episode 97)

In this Episode

Sofia Gibson never thought she’d be a cyclist, let alone a professional one. After losing her Dad in 2017 from a drunk driving accident while he was out cycling, Sofia didn’t think she could ever live up to his legacy. Then, last year after just purchasing her first bike, a commuter bike that is, she found herself telling people that she wanted to race.

Kathryn and Kristi ask Sofia about this journey to gravel, and what it means to her now. As the outreach coordinator of Gravel Worlds, Sofia gives us an insider’s perspective on the mission of this event, and the goal of equality. As an attempt to make gravel cycling more inclusive, Gravel Worlds has started an initiative to get 1000 women to participate. Sofia tells Kathryn and Kristi about this initiative and what it feels like to be one of a thousand.

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Sofia is also a co-host of the Gravel Family Podcast. Listen here!

Listen to the Feisty Media Title IX series here!

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