December 7, 2021

Ally vs Savior (Episode 65)

In this Episode

Many folks with identity privilege are inclined to lend a hand to others in need. We want to be allies to marginalized groups, and use the resources we have access to in order to help. However, there is a fine line between being an ally and being a white savior. A white savior is a white person who provides help to a non-white person in a self-serving manner; they believe they are destined to become a savior for someone else. Their solutions are borne out of assumptions about what a particular community might need, not by an actual assessment of a community’s needs through consultation with those they wish to help.

On this week’s episode, Shaunna and Lisa dive into why this mindset is problematic, and how white folks can shift towards allyship. In doing so, we center the voices and needs of the community we are serving. Another important aspect of true allyship is recognizing there are larger systemic issues affecting marginalized people and communities. White people must engage in critical thought around the solutions offered in an attempt to be an ally, not just a quick fix. Allies must be intentional in their actions and communications, and ask people what they need before stepping in to provide assistance.

Hell Yeah, Hell Nah:
Dove Crown Coalition
University of Maryland slammed for separating Asian students from “students of color” in graphic

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