September 15, 2021

Behind the ‘Gram with Nicole Sin Quee (Episode 48)

In this Episode

Following menopausal athletes on Instagram can be inspiring. But if we’re honest, it can also be deflating. You see the podium smiles and the highlights of their lives, which can leave you feeling alone in your own struggles. That’s why it’s so wonderful when one of these athletes like this week’s guest, multisport athlete Nicole Sin Quee pulls back the curtain and shares the real, more nuanced picture of their life.

Nicole is a math teacher and mother who lives in Bronx, NY. She is also an accomplished athlete, earning a podium spot in all six of her attempts at the National and World Championship triathlons and duathlons. She recently won the Off-Road Triathlon 50-54 age group title and finished third female overall. She also finished top 25 in her bike racing debut at SBT GRVL this year where she represented Ride For Racial Justice. But those highs have been interspersed with her share of lows. Nicole has worked through myriad struggles during her perimenopausal years, which required her to give herself grace and time and space to find her athletic self again–something we can all learn from. You can follow her at

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