August 31, 2021

Bikes Are Fun with Abi Robins (Episode 64)

In this Episode

On this week’s episode of Girls Gone Gravel, Kathryn and Kristi are joined by Abi Robins. Abi is an amateur cyclist, enneagram coach, and an advocate for trans, queer & non-binary rights. Abi identifies as non-binary, and was the winner of the non-binary category at Unbound Gravel in 2021, just one year after purchasing their first bike. Since their win, Abi has found themself in the spotlight as a voice and positive example for non-binary cyclists across the country. Abi speaks about why they feel it is important to embrace this role and become a representation for other trans, queer & non-binary folks to see what is possible for them. Abi’s mantra is “Bikes are fun” and they want to help to ensure that this statement can be true for every person, no matter their identity.

Follow Abi on all of the socials @consciousenneagram and on Instagram for their cycling adventures @queergravel

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