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March 21, 2021

Feisty Life Trailer – 2021-03-20, 5.51 PM

In this Episode

The Feisty Life is for active performance-minded women or for anyone who wants to know how women can get the best out of our bodies throughout our lives.

We know that women have largely been excluded from sports science, nutrition and medical studies- so how do we know what information actually applies to us?

In this podcast, we explore these questions and more.
Host Sara Gross, founder of Feisty Media, Ironman Triathlon Champion and PhD in Women’s History will chat with experts, athletes and people-in-the know in order to cut through the crap and get some answers.
Together we will learn new ways of thinking, doing and being our feistiest selves so we can all live full and active Feisty Lives.

Categories: Sports, Fitness, Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Mental Health, Business, Parenting

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