May 7, 2020

Keep Moving – Lael Wilcox (S13E5)

In this Episode

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with Lael Wilcox, ultra-endurance cyclist, about racing and traveling around the world by bike. Lael talks about her training in Tuscon during Covid19 and her feelings about canceling her mentorship program in Alaska which empowers girls through riding bikes. Lael tells stories of setting the women’s record on the 2,750 mile Tour Divide from Canada to Mexico and setting the overall record on the 4,300 mile Trans Am Bike Race. She explains the logistics of racing a multi-week, self-supported bike race on minimal sleep and her mentality about failure. Plus, tips on how to get started with bike-packing adventures. Let us know what adventures and challenges Lael inspires you to do!

Alyssa does the “5 days of Jarmans”, Haley learns what it’s like to be an Influencer, and a new sponsor announcement – Orca wetsuits! Plus, our hosts answer listener mailbag questions.

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