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April 14, 2021

Guts & Glory with Stasi Kasianchuk, RDN (Episode 27)

In this Episode

Gut health means more than just good digestion—though that’s certainly an important part of it! Your gut microbiome also impacts your overall health, body composition, and athletic performance. It’s also changing all the time and the menopausal transition definitely alters it…and not necessarily for the better. That’s why it’s especially important to build a diverse, healthy gut microbiome through the menopausal transition and beyond.

This week’s guest, sports dietitian and clinical exercise physiologist Stasi Kasianchuk RDN, is an expert in all things “guts and glory” and offers great advice for nurturing your healthiest, richest gut microbiome. Stasi works specifically with peri and postmenopausal women as the director of Health Coaching at, an online medical and health resource for menopausal women. You can learn more about her work and gut microbiome testing through her private practice at

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