November 10, 2021

High Performance Nutrition with Lauren Antonucci, RDN (Episode 57)

In this Episode

Our performance nutrition needs change during the menopause transition. Few know that better than women who both teach it and live it as athletes and sports dietitians, like this week’s guest ​​Lauren Antonucci, RDN, CSSD, author of High-Performance Nutrition for Masters Athletes. Along with being a sports nutritionist, Lauren is a runner, an Ironman athlete, and a mom of three. Once she hit perimenopause, she took Dr. Stacy Sims’ Menopause for Athletes course and made adjustments to her own training as a result. This week she shares her journey, what she’s learned, and what she recommends for women to perform their best at this time of life.

Lauren is the Owner/Director of Nutrition Energy, a nutrition counseling practice based in NYC and is currently seeing clients both in person in her NYC office and virtually around the world. Lauren has been a Board Certified Sports Dietitian for over 15 years as well as a Certified Diabetes Educator. You can learn more about her work at and pick up her book at
Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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