October 14, 2020

Hit Your Next PR with Erin Carson (Episode 3)

In this Episode

It’s easy to beat yourself up (and down) with strength training. That’s not Erin Carson’s game. As the strength trainer for endurance athletes like 3x Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae, Erin’s approach is building her athlete’s up to be not just strong, but also energetic, nimble, and fast.

She dishes out plenty of thoughts on how we all can achieve those goals in this week’s episode. She also practices what she preaches, recently running one of her fastest half marathons at age 54. She’s co-owner and coach at RallySport in Boulder, Colorado where she has worked for 27 years, and the head coach at ECFIT.

She is also collaborating with Dr. Stacy Sims to produce training programs designed specifically for menopausal women. Those plans launch November 1st, but Hit Play Not Pause listeners can get early bird access—and discounts! Enter the promo code HITPLAY25 for $25 off Phase One of the Stacy Sims Strength Program at www.ecfitstrength.com and download her app: ECFIT Boulder to get workouts straight to your phone!

Follow Erin on Instagram @ecfit_strength

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