September 17, 2020

A Life of Adventure with Simone Maier (S13E23)

In this Episode

This week on the show Alyssa & Haley catch up with professional triathlete and adventure racer Simone Maier. Originally from Germany, Simone now lives in Wanaka on the south island of New Zealand, and she tells us what life has been like there during the pandemic. A few years after making the move to New Zealand, Simone found the world of adventure racing, and has since spent her time juggling her professional careers in both triathlon and adventure multi-sport racing. She tells us about how she balances the training between the two, and uses her triathlon training to give her a fitness boost for her adventure racing endeavors. As a woman in a male-dominated sport, Simone explains how she is working to shift the view of women from “necessary equipment” to integral team members on adventure racing teams. She gives us an inside look at the dynamics of building a successful team, and we hear some of her most memorable moments from her time on the race course. As the defending champion of New Zealand’s famous Coast-to-Coast race, Simone had a disappointing end to her race in February of this year. She tells us how she is preparing to come back strong in 2021, and her plans to join the Eco-Challenge craze that is sweeping the globe.

We hear about Haley’s canvassing call from her neighbor, and Alyssa tells us all about her literature drop experience and her upcoming role at the polls, which just might have to include some Nuun hydration.

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