December 7, 2020

Are you injured, fatigued or just bored? with Vanessa Foerster (Train Your Mind Mini Episode 10)

In this Episode

In episode 10 of the Train Your Mind Mini Series Vanessa is teaching us how to navigate the space between injury, fatigue and boredom. She explains that it is about having an awareness of what you are feeling physically and experiencing mentally, and gives us three steps to take when we are trying to decide if we need to pull back because of a potential injury or push through a bit of fatigue. Vanessa also explains why boredom is not a problem, and tells us how it can actually be helpful. As a takeaway for this week, Vanessa gives us three simple and necessary questions to ask to navigate if we’re injured, fatigued or just bored.

If you have questions for Vanessa send her an email at and follow her on social @vanessafayefoerster

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