July 14, 2022

Celebrating the Climb with Alyssa and Haley (S17E24)

In this Episode

We celebrate a lot of wins on this podcast. But this week, we celebrate the wins of our very own – Alyssa and Haley. This past week has been racing central for the duo as Haley raced CLASH Watkins Glenn and Alyssa attempted the FKT of the New Hampshire 4000 footers. As expected, both Haley and Alyssa absolutely crushed their endeavours with Haley coming second at Watkins Glenn, and Alyssa getting that FKT.

The two discuss their races and the trials and tribulations they experienced. From unexpectedly hard climbs to a car falling off of a cliff, they persevered and the outcomes were worth it.

Photo Credits to Andrew Drummond

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