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June 25, 2020

Chase Your Limits – Rachel Jastrebsky (S13E11)

In this Episode

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with pro triathlete Rachel Jastrebsky about her story as an athlete and mom. Rachel turned pro to chase her limits as an athlete and to be pushed by the best women in the sport. When she was hitting her stride, she had her first baby and only 1 year later had her second child. This timeline made it difficult to meet the re-qualification standards for her professional triathlon license, so Rachel reached out to USA Triathlon to ask for an extension. Hear about Rachel’s persistence when she was first denied, and how she succeeded in changing the rules for professional women in the sport. Plus, Rachel’s take on the sport from finishing on the podium to last place, dealing with injuries, pregnancies. and making her weaknesses her strengths.

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