July 15, 2021

Chasing the Wind with Brandi Swicegood (S15E8)

In this Episode

This week on the show Haley and Alyssa chat with professional triathlete Brandi Swicegood. In 2018, Brandi left a 20-year career as a journalist to chase her dream of becoming a professional triathlete and set an example for her daughter. Brandi opens up about the financial and emotional stress of walking away from an established career and redefining her role as a mother and athlete. She qualified for her pro card in late 2019, and raced her first event as a pro at Ironman Cozumel at the end of that year. Like all of us, Brandi’s 2020 race plans were derailed. She talks about how the pandemic affected the start of her pro career, and the challenges of being a parent and training full time during the last 18 months.

This year, Brandi took to the trails and started racing Xterra off road triathlons. She tells us about how a date with her now husband got her started in mountain biking, and what she loves about the off-road format. Brandi also gives us some journalist’s insight on how to tell a good story to promote yourself as an athlete.

To read Brandi’s 2018 Dallas News article visit: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/healthy-living/2018/01/26/why-did-this-30-something-mom-quit-a-killer-job-to-chase-a-dream-to-show-her-daughter-fearlessness/

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