February 21, 2019

Courage Zone – Rachel Joyce & Dana Platin (S8E3)

In this Episode

Alyssa and Haley chat with Rachel Joyce and Dana Platin, the co-founders of Reinas, about how they have combined their leadership and athletic backgrounds to create an exciting new venture. Their mission is to coach driven women to set personal goals and expand their comfort zones. They share stories of how to F.A.I.L, how to balance athletic and professional goals, and how to sharpen your mental skills by acknowledging your inner voice and changing habits.

Plus, our hosts talk Ultra running, triathlon results, and mailbag questions.

Send your mailbag questions to ironwomenpodcast@gmail.com

Re-listen to the amazing women at the 2018 Outspoken Summit – https://www.shiftsports.org/store/p4/outspoken-summit-audio.html

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